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Blue Bay Taxi Moto provides transport services using motor vehicles.

Motorized two- or three-wheelers (VMDTR), exclusively by reservation and at a pre-arranged price.

defined. The head office of Blue Bay Taxi Moto is located at 30 chemin du collet de l’hubac.

06800 Cagnes sur mer.

Blue Bay Taxi Moto is registered under number 985 008.



The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to define the conditions applicable to

contracts for the provision of transport services concluded between Blue Bay Taxi Moto and its customers. Visit

using the services of Blue Bay Taxi Moto, the Customer is presumed to have taken

have read and fully accepted these Terms and Conditions of Sale.


The customer can make a service request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the website or call 06 49 73 48 28. The customer provides all

information about the service request. He is solely responsible for this information

of which the following are considered essential to the contract: customer name, e-mail address,

telephone number, date of transport service, pick-up location, drop-off location,

pick-up time, nature of service (one-way trip, provisioning). The company

Blue Bay Taxi Moto sets the price of the service according to the information provided.

by the Customer.

It has been established that the motorcycle can only take one passenger who is capable of sitting on the vehicle in complete safety.

and a “55 x 35 x 25 CM” carry-on bag. not exceeding 8 KG. For obvious reasons from safety

and techniques for heavier people ( over 110Kg / jacket size larger than XL )

cannot be transported by Motorcycle Taxi.

Payment of the price is made by credit card via a secure electronic system or by

species. By communicating his/her bank details, the customer accepts in advance and without obligation

provided that Blue Bay Taxi Moto carries out the secure transaction and authorizes by

to debit its account for the amount of the service. After confirmation by the

The Blue Bay Taxi Moto company will send the customer a request for service and payment,

in return, exclusively by e-mail, a reservation form summarizing the information relating to the

benefit. The customer is responsible for verifying the information on the order form.

booking. In the event that Blue Bay Taxi Moto is unable to send the said voucher by e-mail

reservation, the reservation is presumed to comply with the customer’s request.


Blue Bay Taxi Moto sets the price of the service according to the following information in particular

provided by the Customer. The prices indicated in our price lists include VAT at the rate set by the French

regulations in force for transportation services (10% for transfers, 10% for

chauffeur service, fuel and personal insurance.

transported, tolls are included. The service does not include

parking charges. Catering costs are not included in the provision of services.

and the driver’s hotel.


Payment methods accepted: Cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). All

transport by transfer or provision is payable at the time of order in full or in part.

20% deposit on order, then 80% on the day of transport with the driver.



All bookings imply unreserved acceptance of the present terms and conditions.

sales. The customer and the service provider undertake to comply with all the clauses cited in the present contract.

contract. No changes may be made to the above conditions unless agreed otherwise.

between the parties.

The contract is only deemed concluded once payment for the order has been received. By default

it automatically lapses.

The present contract would be suspended or cancelled by operation of law in all cases recognized by the law.

force majeure (an event beyond the control of Blue Bay Taxi Moto), such as the disruption of

traffic lanes, severe weather (storms, snow, etc.), demonstrations, accidents,

failure or malfunction of telecommunication networks, shortage of manpower or equipment


Reservations for a chauffeur-driven motorcycle must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

hours in advance via the website or at the last minute by telephone, subject to availability.

Special features for pick-up from train stations and airports:

As soon as you arrive, switch on your cell phone.

Please note the flight or flight number in “additional information” when booking.


For flights, we recommend that you plan your pick-up time taking into account

includes the time it takes to get off the plane and out of the airport. However, if you need to

retrieve checked baggage and/or if you are coming from a non-European destination, the

time to exit the aircraft, baggage reclaim and possible law enforcement checks

require fairly long lead times.

To avoid having to pay a waiting time, we advise you to add a 30-minute delay.

between your departure from the plane and your actual pick-up by the Blue

Bay Taxi Moto.


A reservation can be cancelled by the customer before the pick-up time indicated in the

reservation form, by e-mail only to :

– 100% refund if cancellation occurs more than 48 hours before the scheduled


– 50% refund if cancelled more than 24 hours before pick-up time

in charge.

– 0% refund if cancelled less than 24 hours before pick-up time

in charge.

Any modification of the contract during the performance of the service may lead to a readjustment of the price.

agreed price. Blue Bay Taxi Moto reserves the right to refuse these modifications.


Any delay on the part of the passenger in relation to the pick-up time indicated on the ticket

the price of the service, in the event that the customer gives advance notice by

telephone the driver on 06 49 73 48 28, as follows:

– More than 15 minutes late: 10 euros

– More than 30 minutes late: 25 euros

– For each additional half-hour’s delay: 25 euros

These surcharges must be paid at the latest when the passenger boards the aircraft.

the vehicle.

All requests for pick-up between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am will be subject to a surcharge of 30%. All requests for

pick-up on Sundays and public holidays will be increased by 50%.

If the customer is absent from the meeting place, after the first 15 minutes free of charge,

and no response to the driver’s telephone call, the

service will be definitively forfeited, with no possibility of postponement or claim for compensation.

any refund.


Transporting people for hire or reward is a regulated activity. Only vehicles

can perform this service and :

– With a business card number issued by the prefecture.

– With a registration badge affixed to the vehicle’s windshield. The company

Blue Bay Taxi Moto undertakes to provide or arrange for the provision of the following transport services

in accordance with the booking form and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


In the event of subcontracting, Blue Bay Taxi Moto ensures that the persons and companies

to which it calls meet the same conditions.


Blue Bay Taxi Moto is guaranteed by a solvent insurance company.

which covers the risks associated with its activity in accordance with current regulations.

In the event of a dispute, the company Blue Bay Taxi Moto cannot be held liable.

only on condition that the customer can prove that the company has acted wrongfully.

and a causal link with the damage claimed.

The company’s civil liability policy with LA Mutuelle Des Motards covers

responsibilities related to Blue Bay Taxi Moto.

The customer is legally and criminally responsible for his actions.


The customer undertakes for himself and/or for the passenger for whom he has contracted with the company

Blue Bay Taxi Moto to behave like a good father from the moment of pick-up, by

the driver and the transport equipment, as well as the provisions of the


– Compliance with the Highway Code (wearing an approved helmet and a pair of safety glasses).

approved gloves, etc.).

– No smoking, eating or transporting hazardous materials.

– No alcohol allowed on board.

– The customer must be physically able to get on and sit in the vehicle by

in complete safety ( heavy build over 110Kg not accepted / jacket size over XL )

– One piece of baggage with cabin dimensions (55 x 35 x 25 cm) not exceeding 8 kg is accepted.

and remains the responsibility of the customer. Blue Bay Taxi Moto cannot be held responsible for

liable for damage to and/or loss of baggage or equipment

(phone, tablet, etc.).

– Any damage to the vehicle caused by the customer will be charged to the customer:

– In the event of deterioration leading to cancellation of the following service, a fixed fee will be charged.

of €150.00 will be added, payable immediately by credit card.

– For all other damage resulting in vehicle immobilization: Invoicing

actual + Capital costs + Loss of sales during the period

on average over the last 3 months.

– Cleaning in the event of vomiting will be invoiced at €150.00 (incl. VAT) in addition to the service charge,

Failure to comply with these provisions will result in the customer’s exclusive liability, both to the company and to the customer.

Blue Bay Taxi Moto and third parties. Blue Bay Taxi Moto declines all responsibility

responsibility for the customer’s actions before and after transport. The company

Blue Bay Taxi Moto reserves the right to refuse to pick up or set down a passenger.

who fails to comply with these obligations, as well as an alcoholic passenger.


Any claim is only admissible within 5 days of the transport service being carried out.

concerned. Any dispute shall be referred to the courts of the place where Blue Bay Taxi has its registered office.



8 – 1 – TRANSFER :

The transfer service includes approach costs from the company’s head office address on the day of the transfer.

Blue Bay Taxi Moto and ends when the customer arrives at the agreed address.


Provision of services: transport is limited to a certain number of kilometres in the case of provision of services to

by the hour :

– 40 kilometers for 1 hour.

– 200 kilometers for 5 hours.

Any hour started is due in full.