Your Motorcycle : Honda Goldwing Touring

To give you the ultimate riding experience, I’ve selected the most comfortable and luxurious motorcycle on the market: the Honda Goldwing.

Designed by Honda to offer a unique experience, this motorcycle guarantees you a trip in optimal conditions. Its welcoming saddle, on-board technology and numerous options guarantee exceptional comfort. High-quality, adjustable suspension and hydraulic brakes with ABS ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. The heated seat and backrest offer optimum comfort whatever the weather, and the armrests let you relax like in a luxury sedan.

With generous storage space, the bike can accommodate luggage such as a cabin suitcase (size 55x35x25 CM and 8KG maximum) or a soft bag, as well as a handbag.

For your safety and comfort, I’ll provide you with a complete set of equipment, including a modular helmet, a waterproof jacket with airbag for all seasons, and gloves suitable for summer or heated for winter. This high-quality equipment guarantees maximum efficiency while ensuring your comfort. They will be available in two different sizes to meet your specific needs.

You’ll be sure to stay dry even on rainy days, thanks to a custom-made rain and cold apron. All our equipment is carefully tested and approved for your safety.

To make your trip even more pleasant, I’ve put together a set of accessories, including hydro-alcoholic gel, a phone charger and an intercom for listening to music or making calls during transport. The intercom will also enable us to talk to each other during the journey. You can choose between disposable and washable hair protection.

All this equipment is disinfected daily in accordance with current hygiene standards.

The Honda Goldwing Touring is an iconic motorcycle distinguished by its exceptional comfort and safety-oriented features.

Advanced suspension system: The Goldwing Touring is equipped with a sophisticated suspension system that provides a smooth ride, effectively absorbing road irregularities. This guarantees maximum comfort for rider and passenger, even on long journeys.
Ergonomic seats: The Goldwing’s seats are designed with ergonomics in mind. The generous padding and carefully designed shape provide optimum support, reducing driver and passenger fatigue.
Advanced braking system: The Goldwing Touring is equipped with an advanced braking system, together with ABS (anti-lock braking system), guaranteeing safe and reliable braking performance.
Driving assistance systems: The Goldwing can be equipped with various driving assistance systems such as traction control, adaptive cruise control and other advanced technologies to enhance stability and safety.
Integrated protective structures: The Goldwing’s design incorporates protective elements for rider and passenger, such as an integrated airbag, helping to minimize risk in the event of an accident.
In short, the Honda Goldwing Touring is not only renowned for its superior comfort on long journeys, but also incorporates state-of-the-art safety features, making it the motorcycle of choice for those who enjoy comfortable, safe travel.


The Shoei Neotec 3 helmet with integrated SENA intercom represents the pinnacle of technology, comfort and safety for modern motorcyclists. Bluetooth communication: integrated into the Neotec 3, the SENA intercom system enables wireless communication with other motorcyclists equipped with compatible devices. This facilitates communication while driving, and enhances safety. Removable, washable interior: The helmet's interior is made of soft, breathable, antibacterial materials, offering optimum comfort and easy removal for cleaning. Integrated sunshield: The Neotec 3 is equipped with a retractable sunshield, offering instant glare protection without the need to change visors.


IXON's IT-KAYO motorcycle gloves feature a Neoprene and Softshell back, renowned for its water- and wind-repellent properties, combines a goat leather palm renowned for its suppleness and resistance. The gloves feature a Primaloft Gold Cross Core thermal lining and a waterproof, breathable membrane. A smart sensor activated simply by putting on the gloves, with a blue LED indicating sensor activity. They feature an IXON KNUCKLE-ADV_1 articulated shell in TPU, a reinforced hand edge, a reinforced palm, a flexible TPR palm slider, a long cuff and a double Velcro tightening tab.

luggage rack

The Goldstrike luggage rack embodies the perfect blend of functionality, style and durability for adventure-hungry motorcyclists. Designed with meticulous engineering and attention to detail, the Goldstrike luggage rack integrates harmoniously with the Honda Goldwing Touring, offering a practical solution for carrying extra luggage while preserving the bike's elegant aesthetics. Made from high-quality materials such as sturdy aluminum, the Goldstrike luggage rack is designed to withstand the rigors of the road and varied weather conditions. Its ergonomic design guarantees maximum stability, ensuring the safety of your luggage.


REV'IT! winter jacket, renowned in the motorcycle equipment industry for high quality, safety and comfort. REV'IT! jackets Trench coats in GORE-TEX are designed to offer protection from the elements while ensuring optimum breathability. FURYGAN mistral evo 3 summer jacket with CE-certified D30 elbow and shoulder protection for optimum safety, including back protection. Made from high-density polyester for exceptional resistance to abrasion and tearing, this model is distinguished by the strategic presence of Mesh inserts, contributing significantly to optimized airflow.


Airbag ixon U03, Automatic Detection: IXON airbag vests incorporate a detection system that monitors the biker's movements in real time. If a fall or critical situation is detected, the vest automatically inflates the airbag. Zones of Protection: These vests offer protection for key areas of the body, such as the back, chest, shoulders and neck. Stretch fabric for a perfect fit. with 3D mesh inner lining for enhanced air circulation.

Rain protection

Made-to-measure rain protection apron, designed with French craftsmanship, waterproof and thermal, guaranteeing a comfortable winter driving experience by staying both dry and warm. The presence of a fleece lining adds a high-end layer of comfort for a pleasant feel during your winter journeys.